Radian/degree conversions; coterminal angles; complements and supplements
1) Find the Supplementary Angle for 15 degrees
    X+ 15= 180
        -15      -15
           X= 165, so the Supplementary Angle of 15 degrees is 165 degrees
2) Find the Complementary angle for 86 degrees
   X+ 86= 90
       -86   -86
          X=4, so the Complementary angle for 86 degrees is 4 degrees.
3) Find the Supplementary angle for 98 degrees

1: Find the complementary angle for 286 degrees. 
    First set up the equation x+16=90
    the solve the equation by subtracting 16 from each side. 90-16=74

2: Find the supplementary angle for pi
First we set up our equation x+pi=pi
                                            1   2  1
Then we subtract pi over two from both sides. But first we need them to have a common denominator so we multiply pi by 2 to get the equation x+pi=2pi now we can
                                                      1  2  2
Subtract pi from 2pi to get pi this is our supplementary 
              2           2            2

3:Find the supplementary angle for 4 degrees.

1: Find the complementarty angle for pi 
First we set up our equation x+ pi=pi
                                                 4   2
To subtract pi from both sides we need to have a 
common denominator of 4. We get this by multiplying the numerator and denominator of pi by 2.  
Now our equation is x+pi=2pi
                                   4    4
We then subtract to get pi 
This is the complementary angle. 

2: Find the supplementary angle for pi       
First set up the equation to = pi
    16  1
Then make a common denominator by multiplying 16 to the other side of the = sign.

Now we have x+pi=16pi 
                         16   16

Next pi needs to be subrtracted from both sides.
This gives us x=15pi as the supplementaryangle.

3. Find the complementary and supplementary angle of
 Word Problem!
On a Ferris Wheel you and your friend have moves 25 degrees. How many degrees before you're at a 90 degree angle?